Open Source 3D Printing Gaining Popularity

One of the newest trends in open source development that is gaining huge popularity is 3D printing.  Not only has this technology grown exponentially in the last few years but it also has the potential to become a household product due to the open source community pushing boundaries on what can be done.  A technology […]

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Open Source Home Security Rigs

The open source revolution has touched many industries. It has been around since the early 80’s when the development of GNU and Linux grew to a tipping point and allowed the majorities to experience a computing experience that wasn’t developed by, maintained by, and controlled by, a large corporation that squeezed money in every way […]

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Learning From The Failure Of Windows 8

Windows 8 is one of the least well received operating systems in the history of Microsoft due to its presentation. From an experts perspective there is really nothing wrong with this OS and it is actually much better than the previous releases. With the majority of computer users being rather casual many feel lost due […]

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Communities Helping Each Other Improve Gaming Skills

On the internet not every project needs to be based on code and software development. Knowledge is one of the most valuable aspects of life and can also be shared in an open source arrangement. This is where individuals that have experience regarding a certain topic can create content in order to share this information […]

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The top construction management software

When planning and executing the construction or renovation of a building, no matter what type of building, you will have to properly manage costs, materials and labor to be efficient and finish everything in a reasonable time frame. While spreadsheets can be useful, they’re no match to professional construction management software – the right tool […]

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The Potential of Google Glass Open Source

Thought of as a “product of the future”, the Google Glass, while still in its beta phase, was in the hands of a lucky crowd, it is said that it will be mass-produced this year and Google already released the open-source Android-based kernel code to inspire developers to create new apps for it. The future […]

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Recommended Open Source Software for Construction Project Management

Recommended Open Source Software for Construction Project Management   Every project requires a lot of planning, estimates and collecting of information – construction projects even more so, considering the workforce and the numerous tasks and materials that will be used for almost every project. Remote workforce housing builders like Lone Tree who finish projects in […]

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Open Source Hardware and Software Fueling Drone Development

In the last couple years there has been an exponential increase in the amount of small, consumer drones that have hit the hobby market. These drones are really quadcopters, which are flying vehicles that are powered by four motors. For those customers looking for a large list of available drones for sale along with reviews, […]

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Creative Commons and Photography Rights on the Internet

Millions of excellent photographs can be found within a matter of seconds on the internet through a simple images search. This will give you all sorts of results, but unfortunately most of these images are not available for you to use. It is incredibly easy to borrow an image for use on your own website […]

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Why you should develop your real estate website with open source

Open source software provides businesses with a variety of advantages, more notably flexibility, customization, and high quality resources. Using open source software to develop websites offers a range of flexibility unmet by proprietary software, as it does not require as many resources which means it will run smoother on aged hardware. Additionally this gives developers […]

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