How To Launch Your Project

We all like to think that we have great ideas for new open source projects, but there is one big limitation to this mindset. You will need a large user base of savvy programmers are more to power the new revisions of the software to be released. This generally starts with a small group of […]

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Building a Successful Online Community

Online communities rely on regular communication between members. Anyone who plans on building and growing an online community should realize how necessary it is to have tools that foster communication and relationships. In order for an online community to grow, the social features should be relevant to the members of the community. In addition, they […]

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Invest in Low-cost Mobile Hardware to Test Your Open Source Software On All Smartphone Operating Systems

If you, like many others, are currently building a mobile-based open sourced software and wish to test its functionality and performance on all smartphone operating systems, it is advised that you seek a low-cost solution. For those on a budget, it can become incredibly expensive to test your software on more than one smartphone device […]

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How Open Source Applications Help Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Open source software applications are extremely valuable to young entrepreneurs and those trying to start a business. It is unlikely that someone in this position has a lot of extra cash on hand and paying for software is out of the question. This means that the individual will need to purchase a cheaper software suite […]

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Integrating Home Technologies With openHAB

One of the latest trends emerging in consumer products is the incorporation of intelligent controllers that integrate into web based management systems. The only problem with this is that each manufacturer has their own type of software which makes it almost impossible to connect all of the aspects of your home without an expensive, custom, […]

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Open Source 3D Printing Gaining Popularity

One of the newest trends in open source development that is gaining huge popularity is 3D printing.  Not only has this technology grown exponentially in the last few years but it also has the potential to become a household product due to the open source community pushing boundaries on what can be done.  A technology […]

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Open Source Home Security Rigs

The open source revolution has touched many industries. It has been around since the early 80’s when the development of GNU and Linux grew to a tipping point and allowed the majorities to experience a computing experience that wasn’t developed by, maintained by, and controlled by, a large corporation that squeezed money in every way […]

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Learning From The Failure Of Windows 8

Windows 8 is one of the least well received operating systems in the history of Microsoft due to its presentation. From an experts perspective there is really nothing wrong with this OS and it is actually much better than the previous releases. With the majority of computer users being rather casual many feel lost due […]

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Communities Helping Each Other Improve Gaming Skills

On the internet not every project needs to be based on code and software development. Knowledge is one of the most valuable aspects of life and can also be shared in an open source arrangement. This is where individuals that have experience regarding a certain topic can create content in order to share this information […]

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The top construction management software

When planning and executing the construction or renovation of a building, no matter what type of building, you will have to properly manage costs, materials and labor to be efficient and finish everything in a reasonable time frame. While spreadsheets can be useful, they’re no match to professional construction management software – the right tool […]

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